We do what we love…


Groove Collective (NPO1149) is proud to have been organising successful community events and initiatives, raising significant funds and supporting local causes for over 12 years.

Groove takes pride in being a not-for-profit community enterprise that redistributes funds direct to charitable initiatives. We are committed to promoting sustainable and environmental initiatives with core objectives of Creativity, Ethical Action & Community Involvement.

This year, we will be partnering with two incredible local charities as we collaborate with local history of Jersey Heritage and invest in our global future with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

As with all things groove, this event will encapsulate the spirit of the community as a boutique festival celebration of local culture, creative talent, musical arts and importantly raising funds for important local & global causes.

We are scaling back our ticket allowance to focus on a quality, boutique, jam packed offering for 1000 ticket holders made up of families and adults of all ages, available to only those who are members of our beneficiary charities.

We are excited to be launching a new Groove event this summer to take place at La Hougue Bie, Jersey Heritage site, on Saturday 3rd August 2019 from 12pm- 10pm.

 ‘La Groove Bie’ aims to be exemplary, in not only atmosphere and inclusion, but also set a standard for recycling and the ability to be ‘carbon neutral’ by promoting local talent and creativity with art, performance, wellbeing, music, merriment, dancing and food. Groove Collective has raised over £200,000 for local charities and good causes.



To make possible…


An ethical community facilitating creative collaboration between local artists, charities and community groups to support, promote and publicise local initiatives and events.



  • Promote local musicians and live performance

  • Collaborate with local artists; producing art installations, workshops and promoting the cultural benefits of art

  • Engage and promote theatre and performance art

  • Creative participation for audiences, volunteers and businesses

  • Provide access for audiences to local music and arts


  • Help local charities and good causes raise funds and awareness

  • Make a positive social and environmental impact

  • Champion the benefits of supporting local artists, producers and products

  • Educate and inspire others to live their lives in a more sustainable way

  • To promote inclusivity and diversity; and consider biodiversity and conservation impacts

  • To understand that our success lies in education and inspiring future generations


  • Create inspiring community events for all to enjoy

  • Involve the wider community to contribute to its success

  • Provide volunteering opportunities to individuals and businesses

  • Reflect on and celebrate successes achieved through initiatives

  • Engage and communicate with supporters and members

  • Inspire people to make a big difference at home and in their communities.

Info about Groove Collective


The Groove Collective as a not-for-profit enterprise that redistributes funds direct to charity initiatives. They invite organisations and volunteers to join and help produce and contribute to the festival and other events. The team at Groove is committed to promoting sustainable and environmental initiatives with core objectives of Creativity, Ethical Action & Community Involvement